Official launch of Ntunga Lithium Drilling and Heza Decline at Musha Mines

On the 28th of November 2023, RMB CEO, Amb. Yamina Kalitanyi together with the Chairman of Trinity Metals launched officially one of the biggest projects at Musha Mines, Lithium Drilling, and Heza Decline.

The Lithium reserve discovered at the Ntunga Mining site is probably among the largest in the country. We are drilling 6 holes of approximately 600 meters each to study the extent of the pegmatite at depth and along the strike.

During the launch, Musha also introduced Heza Decline, which is the transformation project of Musha mines from a small-scale to an industrial operation. This project will enable to access levels 80m below the current operational levels and allow to double the production and it will also introduce the use of modern types of equipment and technology like an LHD, a dump truck, locos, and wagons.

The ceremony commenced with a tour of the two projects and the planting of trees as a sign of giving life and rebirth of the mine.