Trinity Metals CEO has Introduced the Mine Walk-Down Session

In 2023, SHEC department has introduced, Mine Walk-down sessions with Trinity Leadership Team and all Senior leaders cross the mines with the purpose of enhance the Visible Felt leadership initiative. This session will be conducted on a rotational basis to all our mines every month in an effort to change people’s perception of the SHECS (Safety Health Environment and Community Security) system.

The exercise was completed in a constructive manner without any negative comment to individuals but rather engaging with employees and spot risks and nonconformities observation. Corrective coaching will be used during the walk to address nonconforming behaviors, and dangers will be discussed and noted on an action tracker.

Benefits from Management Walk down sessions:
1.   Clear and visible communication to workers that Trinity Metals Senior Management are fully involved in the SHECS system.
2.   Opening communication channels between the workers and Management.
3.   Building trust between workers and Management.
4.   Learning within the Management team regarding SHECS standards and areas where improvement is required.
5.   Standardizing the criteria Management members will apply at the different mines.
6.   Nonconformance identification and upliftment of SHECS standards.
7.   Building team spirit within the management team.
8.   Allow for direct recognition at all levels.