Trinity Skills Development Program

One of Trinity’s core values is “To empower and impact”.  Following a comprehensive analysis of the gaps in our key technical competencies, Trinity Metals invested heavily in skills development with a target to produce a pool of qualified workers and establish and maintain a learning culture as a component of the Trinity Strategic Plan.

Since mining in Rwanda’s inception in the early 1920s, the main and known method of extracting minerals has largely been artisanal and small-scale. In recent years, Trinity has been through a transformation from artisanal mining to modern industrial mining.  To achieve this, building our local skills will play a pivotal role in delivering on our transformation plans. We are progressing our skills development through on-the-job coaching, formal class room training and formal certification.

Trinity Metals’ vision is fully aligned with the Rwanda Mines, Petroleum and Gas Board (RMB) vision and aims at becoming a significant global mining producer of Critical minerals adhering to the international industry best practices. The formalized skills training and people development strategy is key to us achieving this vision.

It is in this regard, that Trinity has introduced multiple training programs, such as Blasting Certificate Training, Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment Training, Frontline Supervisory Leaders Training, Training the Trainer, and POLC Training on Leadership, all these trainings are contributing to setting formalized work standards.