Our Core Values

We do no harm.
We are committed to safe, ethical, profitable, and eco-friendly mining operations. We've made it our mission to find new and better ways to mine responsibly and ensure that our work doesn't have an adverse effect on the communities where we operate, our people or the planet.
We hold ourselves accountable.
Each one of us understands our role in delivering on our mission and upholding our values. We respect and abide by Rwandan legislation, proactively self-assess and adjust to stay on track, abide by a strict code of conduct and speak up when there are issues to resolve.
We empower and impact.
We champion economic empowerment, investing in programms that develop the next generation of industry talent. We create sustainable vehicles for economic progress for the people in the communities where we are based.
We set the standard.
As the leading mining organization in Rwanda, we operate according to the highest international industry standards and take a continuous improvement approach to our work.